First Place for Startup Weekend Malaysian Global Innovation and Creativity Centre(MaGIC) 

f213ad_6337d9e70f3745c382e5ac9ee3a61198“Where to eat?”
That was the question that we wanted to solve. In 54 hours, we came up with a solution and a viable business model. Which led us to winning that weekend.



Presenting the Start-up to US Secretary of State, John Kerry f213ad_a410852f077b45a48fb5b9f136b8eef5

“Even if his start-up fails, his energy will lead him to something else”.

 – John Kerry at YSEALI’s ASEAN StartUp Weekend. 

Only 3 out of 70+ teams were chosen to present to John Kerry when he visited Malaysia for the YSEALI Startup weekend. After the presentation, he left a few comments, one of which has motivated me to every day in everything I do.


 Top 10 Malaysian Startups to Look Out for in 2016



Featured on Vulcan Post , one of Malaysia’s main source of startup news, as the Top 10 Malaysian startups to look forward to in 2016. Unfortunately, four months later, our team decided to move on to greater things.


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